About Us

In 1999, Colin Pattenden the lay preacher at Crossens Methodist Church, Rufford Road, contacted Councillor John Dodd for a meeting to discuss bringing back the Community sprit to Crossens village. At that meeting Colin and John decided to call a meeting of residents and traders of Crossens. A meeting was held in which traders and residents attended and out of that initiative Crossens Community Association was born.

Meetings of Crossens Community Association were held, when required. Steve Jowett became the secretary, Brain Anderson from the shop Mr Posh, Rufford Road became the treasurer. Jean Johnson from the hair salon on Rufford Road and Barbara Ogden from Ogden’s news agents also got involved. In about 2001 the association started having regular monthly meetings at St John’s School.

The first major event was Christmas in Crossens in 1999, which was held in the Methodist Church hall. The event brought together all the different groups in the village, the Methodist Chapel, St John’s Church, St John’s School, Crossens Nursery, the shop keepers and residents. In 2002 Crossens Community Association held an event to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

In 2003 Colin Pattenden moved on to pastures new, but the community association carried on from strength to strength holding Christmas in Crossens and other events.

In the same year Councillor David Tattersall became Chairperson, and soon after that Sefton got a grant from the lottery commission to put new play equipment on Crossens recreation ground and refurbish the old library building. In 2004 Jean Johnson and Elaine Price became joint chairpersons and John Dodd became treasurer.

In September 2005 the old library was refurbished and became Crossens Community Centre. To celebrate the re opening the association held a summer fun day incorporating activities such as cricket and football, with a more traditional summer fete, this too will become an annual event, later that year Christmas in Crossens was celebrated in the community centre for the first time.

In March 2006 Elaine Price became chairperson, and the association started to hold regular prize bingo sessions that have proved very popular, later that year in October Crossens Youth Club was formed and Crossens youngsters started to meet in the community centre once a week.







The community centre is now being used by many different organisations representing all age groups in the Crossens village community, and the community centre is in use most nights of the week.